HCG Diet Plan




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Phase 1: Transition

You'll begin the process of transitioning your diet habits and lifestyle to become a leaner and healthier you.

Phase 2: Metabolic Reset - Restoring Your Body's Control Functions

In this phase, you begin the process of resetting your metabolic operating parameters to their optimum settings for energy production and weight control. Typical results with the 24 day HCG program are 20-30 lbs weight loss for men and 12-15 lbs for women.

Phase 3: Reset the Hypothalmus Gland and Lock-in

In this phase, if you closely adhere to the protocol, the new weight you have achieved in Phase 2 will be locked in at your new stable weight.

Phase 4: Healthy Eating for a Lifetime

This phase is aimed at maintaining your new weight and improved health for the rest of your life.