HCG Diet plan

What does HCG stand for?
HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is actually a natural hormone produced during pregnancy to help the baby get proper nutrients.
Do the needles hurt?
The needles are very thin - there is very minimal pain resemblance a small pinch.
What happens if I hit a blood vessel?   
This can happen occasionally but is no reason to panic.  You still get the effect of the HCG. You can ice the area.
Are any oils allowed on the diet?
Plain aloe gel - however, check the ingredients for any added oils as none can be used.
Which makeup is allowed?
Face powder, eyeliner.
How many cups of tea a day do I drink and is this necessary?
You don't need to drink any tea, but the recommended 2 cups daily of Yerb Mate and Oolong have been proven to help the process of increasing metabolism in the body.